Booking Enquiries

We welcome any questions you may have. We are now accepting bookings from the end of July 2018 (A-Frame Chalets) and the end of August 2018 (Cottages) after being closed for some maintenance. Booking enquiries will now be attended to by Bachcare.  Enquiries can be sent to, alternatively, you can book accommodation directly online through Bachcare. Phone contact for bookings at Bachcare 09 366 7000 . There is an  after hours phone number 027 469 5292, for any urgent matters related to your existing booking.  

Cottages (1 Bedroom)

5188 – The cowshed:

5189 – The Hayshed:

5190 – The Stables:

A-Frame Chalets(2 Bedroom)

5191 – The Point House:

5192 – The Tree House:

5193 – The Plum House:

If there are any problems please contact Margo 


Please refer to Bachcare Terms and Conditions and our own Terms and Condition below.

Full payment prior to arrival is required for all bookings. Payment to be made with your  Bachcare booking.

Please note, Wairoro Park is also a farm with bulls, electric fences,creeks and ponds. Please keep an eye on children and dogs that they do not wander unattened at anytime.